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I've just signed up for my 7th term of classes with Sarah. I'm having a fantastic time learning more than I'd ever expected - I've made trousers that actually fit beautifully, skirts, evening wear, a corset and (nearly finished) a tailored jacket, all from self-drafted patterns, and played with dying and stencilling. I cannot recommend Sarah's classes highly enough. She is SO knowledgeable, patient, inspiring, and just lovely.

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I absolutely love going to my sewing class.  I used to sew a lot but hadn't made anything in years and this class has helped me slip back into it very quickly.  Sarah is an amazing teacher with a lot of patience!  I am looking forward to my next block of classes.

Survey Feedback 

I already recommend you to everyone, and I am so happy I found you. I can't wait for next term already!

Linda S.


To the home sewers who know it all ,    

I took a course ( Jersey girl ) to learn about overlocking. I have been sewing , and earning a living from sewing for over 40 years. I managed all that time without a overlocker and decided to make a change. I thought there would be everything to learn about overlocking and Nothing to learn about sewing. How WRONG I was. The course was like a new door opening , a whole world of new techniques to be explored. The block making, is a skill I never even thought I would use , has now become my bible. The dying of my own fabric and making tea-shirts was real fun and exciting. In the ten weeks I have made 8 garments for my summer wardrobe. After making the trouser block, it is so quick and simple to make lounge pants I nearly have a pair for every day of the week.


Sarah's way of teaching is nothing short of fantastic. Always patient and ready to change her teaching schedule if the class goes in a different direction as she is very open to artistic license.  Basically if you want to know anything at anytime Sarah is there to answer question and help in a practical way. The time in class goes so quick . I, at first, was only going to do 5 weeks and was enjoying myself so much and learning at such a fast pace I had to do the other 5 weeks. I am sad it has come to a end but will be back for another course when my work schedule allows.


I totally recommend doing this course, it has given me a new love of sewing and designing and most surprisingly made me realise" no-one knows it all. “ And defiantly not me , and I am glad of that, as everything old has become new again. It has turned my job into a labour of love. Thank you Sarah.