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I've just signed up for my 7th term of classes with Sarah. I'm having a fantastic time learning more than I'd ever expected - I've made trousers that actually fit beautifully, skirts, evening wear, a corset and (nearly finished) a tailored jacket, all from self-drafted patterns, and played with dying and stencilling. I cannot recommend Sarah's classes highly enough. She is SO knowledgeable, patient, inspiring, and just lovely.

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I absolutely love going to my sewing class.  I used to sew a lot but hadn't made anything in years and this class has helped me slip back into it very quickly.  Sarah is an amazing teacher with a lot of patience!  I am looking forward to my next block of classes.

Survey Feedback 

I already recommend you to everyone, and I am so happy I found you. I can't wait for next term already!

Linda S.


To the home sewers who know it all ,    

I took a course ( Jersey girl ) to learn about overlocking. I have been sewing , and earning a living from sewing for over 40 years. I managed all that time without a overlocker and decided to make a change. I thought there would be everything to learn about overlocking and Nothing to learn about sewing. How WRONG I was. The course was like a new door opening , a whole world of new techniques to be explored. The block making, is a skill I never even thought I would use , has now become my bible. The dying of my own fabric and making tea-shirts was real fun and exciting. In the ten weeks I have made 8 garments for my summer wardrobe. After making the trouser block, it is so quick and simple to make lounge pants I nearly have a pair for every day of the week.


Sarah's way of teaching is nothing short of fantastic. Always patient and ready to change her teaching schedule if the class goes in a different direction as she is very open to artistic license.  Basically if you want to know anything at anytime Sarah is there to answer question and help in a practical way. The time in class goes so quick . I, at first, was only going to do 5 weeks and was enjoying myself so much and learning at such a fast pace I had to do the other 5 weeks. I am sad it has come to a end but will be back for another course when my work schedule allows.


I totally recommend doing this course, it has given me a new love of sewing and designing and most surprisingly made me realise" no-one knows it all. “ And defiantly not me , and I am glad of that, as everything old has become new again. It has turned my job into a labour of love. Thank you Sarah.

Rose N.


A creative, friendly and inviting zone.  Sarah provides tailored, attentive and guided assistance with everything required to produce your garment.  I started going to meet people with similar interests and it's been nothing but beneficial in all regards!  Oh, and at the end of it, I'v made something rockin!  Do something for fun for yourself! Highly recommended!

Lou W.


My two nieces, both under the age of 12, and myself have completed one term of classes with Sarah and have just started our second term. The girls, and I, enjoyed ourselves so much that there was no question about coming back for more classes. 
The classes are tailored to suit our individual skill levels and Sarah modifies her patterns to the individual, if possible! 
We have learnt many new skills, including different dying techniques and several different sewing styles. 
I would not hesitate to recommend these classes to anyone, wether they be complete novices or experienced sewers wanting to improve their skills.

Sarah C.


Workspace is a fantastic creative space and Sarah is a wonderful teacher.  She is very patient and her teaching style is so encouraging, it is a joy to learn sewing and pattern making.  She will  teach you all the fundamentals, good technique, as well as some great couture tips along the way.  You can tell she is passionate about what she does and is always up-to-date with latest industry trends and knowledge.  I am loving attending the classes each week!

Louise Q.


A beautiful space and also really good for making new friends and just socialising, but you can work quietly on your own if you like too. Sarah is such a good teacher and literally gives you a one on one class every step of the way by roving the room and guiding people according to their ability. I was so uncertain and worried i didnt have enough experience but my fears were completely gone Sarah was there all the way.

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