Workspace Fashion School sewing, pattern making and textile have Sewing kits for partiesworkshops or to take home are available. When enquiring about bookings, you will be emailed the cost of project kits, and prices are below. Some fabrics will available for purchase, such as calico for toiling or silks for printing and dyeing.

Kits can be pre-ordered and purchased at the first class.

Sewing machine hire is available on application. 

Cram Jars

Cram jars are a great way to explore the world of dyeing, in a convenient and compact way. The jars come complete with the Kaftan, Shift or Scarf, pre-mixed dye, gloves, tools and instructions. Cram jars make great gifts and refills are available on request.

Price on application.


Bags are made in the Beginners Sewing class, and apart from developing technical sewing skills, they also give you a recepticle to cart your sewing gear around!

Cost: $15

Laundry Bags

Laundry Bags are made in the Beginners Sewing class, and teach the fundamentals of sewing, such as seams, hems and overlocking, not to mention some cute applique!

Cost: $10


Aprons are a great way to learn precision sewing on hems and finishes, and are so practical. They also make great gifts!

Cost: $15


Bring your own material, or use some our beautiful linen/cotton to make a skirt.


$10 1m fabric

$20 fabric, zip and contrast fabric for facing


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