Soft pastel on matboard

55 x 75cm

Portrait Orientation

Ikea Timber Framed (not shown)

Completed 2021


This is a painting of Sandy Cape, along Western Australia’s coral coast. The title comes from my need to be in nature, and how I can reset when I am camping, living with only the basics, not seeing another person. The changing colours and conditions of the ocean reflect my own emotions, and I take solace looking and swimming in these waters. Floating in the water quietens the inner and outer voices, and listening to the music of shells and rocks is like the call of the Sirens, pulling you down, escaping. I am fascinated by the play of light on water and how it reflects the outer world, while below the surface is a whole other universe; the two existing simultaneously, like the person we present to the world which is a reflection of how we should be and the true self inside. 

'The Siren's Call' Original

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