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Classes and Projects

Workspace Fashion and Design School runs a variety of creative class ideas that can be part of a Course, Workshop or Party project. If the current timetable is not running one that takes your interest, why not drop us a line and we can set one up for you!

Maxi Dress

This dress is part of the High Street Sewing course, or a one day Workshop. This dress involves sewing, dying and printing and requires a basic level of sewing. 

Digital Pattern Making

Create your own digital patterns using Illustrator.

Peony Dress

This dresses can be made with or without sleeves, long or short, and is finished off with a lovely peony design stencil.

Cushion covers

A one day workshop exploring finishing techniques for colourful and unique cushion covers, cushion covers are also made in the Beginners Sewing class.

One skirt, two-ways!

Make a perfect fit skirt that can be worn two ways! This skirt is a one day Workshop and is also made in the Skirt Sewing course.


Aprons are a great way to practice sewing skills, and the styles are endless. You get to make one in the Beginners sewing class, but they are also lovely for a Party project.

Laundry Bag

This gorgeous applique laundry bag is one of the first projects in Beginners Sewing, but they are also great for a Party project.


Make a super stylish bag in Beginners Sewing, or as a Party Project.

A-line Skirts

Our Skirts Sewing class involves learning to make your own skirt block and fit it to your figure. You then make the pattern for an A-line skirt. You also can make this skirt in Part 2 of High Street Sewing using existing patterns.

Tie Back Top

Make this gorgeous top in the High Street Sewing class. You learn to make a block to fit your figure, how to make the pattern and then sew the top!

Shirred Halter Top

Make this top in Part 2 of High Street Sewing, developing your sewing skills.

Pencil Skirt

Make this pencil skirt in a one day Workshop, starting with making a skirt block to fit your figure, then the pattern for a pencil skirt and sew it up!

Shift Dress

In the Dress Sewing course you learn to make the Torso Block to fit your figure, then how to make a Shift Dress Pattern and sew your design.

Shell Top Dress

In Part 2 of the High Street Sewing course you adapt the Torso Block from Part 1 to make a Shell Top dress pattern and sew your design.

Oil cloth Lunchbags

Learn to make these super popular lunch boxes. These are great ideas for Party projects.


Make and dye a Kaftan in silk using shibori dye techniques. Basic sewing skills required. This is run as a Workshop or Party project.

Racer-back Dress

This dress is a project in the High Sreet Sewing course, and is generally made in a 3 hour class!

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