Wardrobe Basics Collection


This course is for people who have basic sewing skills, and want to create a basics range for their wardrobe. You will make a variety fashion projects suitable for all ages that will allow you to refine your sewing techniques and show you some tricks on the way! You will be shown how to fit, cut out and make each design. Projects include: Peony dress, wide leg pants, a singlet slip dress, a military style Tee, a shirt and a two way skirt. The pieces can be mixed and matched, and adapted to suit individual design ideas such as adding or removing sleeves (see pics), making shorts or PJs from the pants, and more. You will dye and print your fabric to truly personalize your garments!


Basic sewing skills required.


The course will run at the pace of the students, and is an ongoing course. The projects will start in the following order:

Peony Dress, singlet/slip dress, wide leg pants, military t-shirt, shirt, two-way skirt.


Book for weeks 1 - 5 or book for 10 weeks a nd get 1 week free!

Course Information

If not available please email an expression of interest

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